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Etiquette & Honouring Others

Thank you for honouring each other’s time and space with etiquette

  1. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL – ARRIVE at least 15-20 minutes  Early. Be set up and on your mat, ready to start at the designated time.  Late comers cannot enter once session has started.
  2. NO JEWELRY on Hands or Wrists. Drums and Drum skins can be damaged or broken.
  3. TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONICS. Turn phones off or put on airplane mode & mute.  This time is just for you.  NO interruptions.  This is a consideration for you as well as others.  Even a phone vibration can disturb the flow.
  4. REMOVE SHOES  Please remove your shoes BEFORE you enter the studio. Leave inside door/entrance.  This helps to keep the floors clean which is important to everyone as we are on the floor.
  5. DO NOT WALK ON ANY MAT BUT YOUR OWN. For sanitary reasons, please keep your feet on your own mat and walk around other mats.  Your yoga mat is considered your sacred space where you get in touch with yourself during your practice.  Be respectful of others space/mat/drum.
  6. SCENT FREE ZONE – NO PERFUME or COLOGNE. Many people have allergies or sensitivity to strong smells.  Please be considerate of others and do not wear perfume, cologne or strong scented products.