Shanti SeShonS

Shanti SeShonS


Shanti SeShonS is

a unique & magical evening
yoga blended with live music and hand drumming

" Shanti SeShonS was a serene, uplifting and at the same time, mellow experience like no other.  Music Doctor & Educator Lindsey Mills and Yoga Instructor Jacqueline Boychuk, both experts in their respective fields‚Äč, work very hard together in the preparation and presentation of their Shanti SheShonS and it shows. The acoustics and aesthetics of the venue proved to be warm and welcoming to all in attendance and the supply of yoga mats and hand drums was most appreciated. I am counting the days till the next one." Bronwyn Lane

"Thank you Lindsey and Jacquie for an incredible evening celebrating Summer Solstice! It was amazing and so beautiful. Absolutely loved the yoga and drumming mixed with the live music! Lindsey your voice with the acoustics in that venue was incredible. It was a magical evening and journey! Totally amazing and so relaxing....It was an incredible way to start the weekend.

You are so amazing in all that you do!!!" Kari V

"Lindsey & Jacquie, thank-you for this amazing evening! Slept so well afterwards and still feeling the positive effects today. Your planning and delivery of this event truly demonstrates your love of and sharing of these activities." Namaste,  Barbara Forder

"I loved how you did Savasana with the singing and the ocean drum. That was beautiful! The sun coming in through the windows was spectacular! Thank you both so much for a beautiful evening! " Sylvia Berkhout

"Thank you both for such a spiritual, and musical evening!! I loved the combination and have a wonderful rejuvenating time!" Allison Fox

"Thank you Lindsey and Jacquie for organizing this wonderful event. I had a great time." Lee-Ann Bourdages-Roberts

"Wonderful evening. Looking forward to future sessions!" Loisann Hauer